Octopus Pie Classic™ Pages - Broke Flea Market Edition

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The Sale is over!  Thanks everyone for participating!


Want a piece of original Octopus Pie art, but don't have the scratch? Now you can have your own piece of the series for only 30 bucks!

(Want a newer, $40 page instead? Go here!)

Why so cheap? Well, here's where the cost-cutting measures come in. The pages are a few years old, and there's no inventory system here - just first come, first serve. So you can't pick out the exact page you want. But you CAN request a storyline! Choose from the following:

10 -Renaissance Unfair

11 -Octopus Pie Love Comics

12 -Dumbo

13 -Interview

14 -Exile on Jericho Turnpike

15 -Love Anxiously

16 -Lifetime TV

17 -This is How I Deal

18 -Snowy Patrol

19 -Beer Your Own Boss


You will most definitely get an original page of FAMOUS WEBCOMIC Octopus Pie that was lovingly drawn by Meredith with a brush and ink, posted to the internet, and published in books. All pages are on smooth bristol board with archival ink. Sizes vary from 9x12" to 11x17". 


I will do my very best to get you a page you want! Feel free to write in a storyline request. You may even request a favorite character be featured in your page - just keep it reasonable:

REASONABLE REQUEST: A page from Love Anxiously with Will in it. COOL!

UNREASONABLE REQUEST: A page from Love Anxiously with Will and Eve kissing. ✘ I SEE WHAT YOU'RE UP TO.

Write in all requests on the Shopping Cart page before you check out. Thanks for your support and happy shopping!